Check out our top 10 female anchors in Delhi NCR! These talented hosts bring energy and excitement to every event, from corporate gatherings to weddings. With their charm and professionalism, they ensure every occasion is unforgettable. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, these emcees guarantee a memorable experience. Don’t miss out on working with these stars who create magical moments for all

Anchor Cuty Mendiratta

Say hello to Anchor Cuty Mendiratta – a package of energy and charm! With her natural charisma and friendly approach, Cuty effortlessly lights up any event she hosts. From corporate gatherings to festive occasions, she’s your go-to anchor for a smooth and delightful experience.. As one of the best anchors in Delhi and a sought-after female anchor for weddings , Cuty brings a unique blend of energy and charm to make your event truly unforgettable.

Anchor Sugandha Thakur

Anchor Sugandha Thakur brings joy and excitement to every event. With her friendly nature and lively energy, Sugandha keeps everyone entertained. Whether it’s a work event or a party, she makes sure everyone has a great time. As a talented female anchor for events, Sugandha ensures that every occasion is memorable and enjoyable for all. Get ready for fun with Anchor Sugandha Thakur, your perfect choice for any event!

Anchor Namrata Sehrawat

Meet Emcee Namrata Sehrawat – a burst of energy and charm! With her lively presence and effortless style, Namrata makes every event shine. From corporate affairs to joyful gatherings, she’s the emcee you can count on for a delightful experience. Get set for a memorable time with Namrata leading the way! Namrata Sehrawat is among the top choices for corporate event emcees in Delhi, known for her professionalism and ability to raise any occasion. She is best in corporate events, adding a touch of class and excitement to every gathering.

Emcee Gazal Vats

Emcee Gazal Vats is your perfect choice for a corporate event anchor in Delhi. Like a ray of sunshine, her friendly smile and cheerful energy make everyone feel welcome and happy. Whether it’s a big work meeting or a fun party, Gazal knows just how to keep things exciting and enjoyable for everyone involved. Get ready for a great time with Emcee Gazal Vats!

Anchor Chandni Jaiswal

Meet Anchor Chandni Jaiswal, the best female anchor in Delhi, who brings a lot of excitement to every event she hosts. She’s friendly and easy to connect with. Chandni knows just how to make sure everyone has a good time, whether it’s at a big work event or a fun party. Get ready for a great time with Anchor Chandni Jaiswal! She’s the ideal choice for every event.

Shweta Kapoor

Please join me in welcoming our wonderful emcee for the night, Shweta Kapoor! With her friendly vibe and engaging style, Shweta is here to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun-filled evening with Shweta Kapoor at the helm!

Anchor Sandhya Bandari

Meet Anchor Sandhya Bandari – a signal of energy and charm! With her engaging style and magnetic presence, Sandhya effortlessly brings every event to life. From corporate functions to elegant weddings, she’s your go-to host for a memorable experience. Among the dynamic landscape of female anchors in Delhi, Sandhya shines as a prime example of talent, professionalism, and best engaging power. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a fairy-tale wedding, Sandhya is the perfect choice to make your special day truly memorable.

Ruchi Singh

Let’s extend a warm welcome to our outstanding emcee for the evening, Ruchi Singh! With her vibrant personality and engaging style, Ruchi is here to ensure everyone has a fantastic time at this corporate event in Delhi. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the event as Ruchi Singh guides us through the evening!

Madhurima Singh

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s warmly welcome our lovely anchor for the day, Madhurima Singh! With her graceful presence, she’s here to make today’s wedding event unforgettable. Get ready for a delightful experience as the female anchor for wedding as Madhurima Singh leads us through an evening filled with excitement and entertainment!

Priyanka Bhalla

Let’s give a warm welcome to one of the best anchors in Delhi, Priyanka Bhalla! With her upbeat energy and charming demeanor, Priyanka is here to make this event a memorable one. Get ready for a fun-filled evening as Priyanka Bhalla leads the way with grace and flair!

The top 10 anchors in Delhi NCR are a perfect blend of talent, charisma, and professionalism. They turn every event, be it corporate, wedding, or cultural, into an unforgettable experience. Elevate your event with our finest anchors! Contact us at to make your occasion truly special.

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