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It takes the efforts of skilled people at every level to create a successful company, and manpower plays a crucial role in doing so. But finding the right fit is a struggle in itself. This is where Floodlights Media Solutions comes to your rescue. FMS is a well-renowned event management company in Delhi, India, which provides qualified personnel in accordance with your requirements. Hiring a manpower management services provider not only saves you time and energy but is also a cost-effective recruitment process. Our expanded networks can help you get the desired personnel in real time without putting things on a halt. We select the best of the best candidates for you who can help your business grow exponentially.

FMS has a technologically advanced team of experts in Event & Exhibition Registration Management. They are equipped with ultra-modern software, technical know-how, and expert groups for Delegate Registration control, Pre & Spot registration, and Badge-Photo ID printing that’s required for big-scale conferences and exhibitions.

We offer customized services based on our clients’ requirements for different projects.

Our manpower management services in Delhi, India include:

  • Exhibition, Conference & Event Registration Management
  • Pre-event Online Registration Set-up with an automated badge creation utility
  • Advanced Event Management Software,
  • Registration Management Software and Event Mobile Apps.
  • Registration, delegate check-in, and movement tracking using a barcode, QR code, RFID, and BioMetric technologies.
  • Badges, lanyards, and high-speed unique badge printers.

Why choose us?

Floodlightz Media Solutions has tie-ups with leading consultants and provides our assistance and expertise at every step of recruitment.

If you are looking for the following manpower, FMS brings you the best-suitable personnel for you:

  • Hostess
  • Emcee
  • Promoters, both male and female
  • Artists, Dance Troupe
  • mascots
  • Supervisors
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Security for events.

Frequently Asked Questions for Manpower Service

What are the things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Event Staff?
When you prepare for an event, you can’t overlook the major detail of who will be staffing your event. The staff for an event affects the entire experience. But finding the best people isn’t as simple as you might imagine. 
So, before you hire staff for your next event, take a look at these main things to keep in your mind  
  1. Understand the regulations with hiring event staff – professionals and bit experienced    
  2. Know your event budget  
  3.  Understand the client’s event expectations  
  4. Ask for recommendations from colleagues  
  5. Thoroughly interview and vet candidates
What is the Importance for profession manpower for an event?
Recruiting the adequate number of people is highly critical as the shortage of manpower equals to the failure of an event, because it eventually leads to hotch-potch and mismanagement. The manpower for an event is usually as mixed as the event itself.
What are the significances of VIP Hospitality for events?
Here are the significances of VIP Hospitality for events Professional Hostess, Experienced emcees, well dress promoter and managers  
What are the services comes under manpower for an event?
Security, Promoters, Emcees, hostess, bartenders, Anchors  

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