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Exhibitions Management
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Exhibitions provide businesses a platform to showcase their products and upcoming technology, and interact and share knowledge with an audience and potential customers on a large scale. Investing in exhibitions can boost your brand awareness like never before. 

Since exhibitions are organised for the public in large numbers, they include management craftsmanship to make an exhibition a success. Floodlightz Media Solutions, one of the leading exhibition company in Delhi, India, is your go-to stop for all your exhibition stall design needs. 

We have been one of the best exhibition company in Delhi-NCR, India for 8 years now and have continued the legacy of delivering successful events to the top brands in India like the National Management Summit, Max Lifestyle and Hospitality India, etc.

To get the best out of exhibitions, they have to be dynamic, engaging, creative, and innovative. At FMS, our exhibition stall designer in Delhi have a thorough understanding of the market and can plan and format exhibitions based on the nature of a business. Our creative experts add an extra touch of uniqueness to make your exhibition stall design a success and stand out from your competitors.

We specialise in providing stall designer in Delhi for various exhibition services such as solo exhibitions, collective exhibitions, educational exhibitions, trade exhibitions, consumer exhibitions, etc.

Additionally, we have taken a step forward and moved to digital exhibitions, where you can showcase your products and services online to your potential customers on a large scale.

Our exhibition company in Delhi, India deliver services like:

  • Project control
  • Location rental
  • Online verbal exchange
  • Help with sales and database capture.
  •  Marketing and media relations
  • Logistics and operations
  • Onsite co-ordination
  • Exhibition staffing solutions
  • Sponsorship and CRM management
  •  Ticketing Management

So, Floodlightz Media Solutions is your ideal stop for dynamic and innovative exhibitions. Experience smooth and seamless event organising with us and have an impactful interaction with your customers and other businesses.

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