Reply to VOD with Comment Sticker-YouTube Adds a New Feature!

YouTube is testing a small experiment for users on iOS to make replying to comments with a short video possible. This short video is called a “comment sticker” as each comment is to be overplayed like a sticker on your video response. The author’s channel name, avatar, and links to the actual comment will not be available to the viewers. Therefore, the comment sticker doesn’t link back to the original author. However, YouTube may add this feature soon in the future.

YouTube surpasses Facebook in teen popularity!

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, YouTube is used by 95% of American teenagers aged between 13 and 17, which is the highest among all social media channels. The survey can be helpful for businesses and marketers to target the Gen Z audience. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler observed a downfall in popularity amongst teens, whereas they were found more inclined towards Twitch, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, and Reddit.

Here are the rankings, along with the percentage of respondents who say they use each app:

  1. YouTube (95%)
  2. TikTok (67%)
  3. Instagram (62%)
  4. Snapchat (59%)
  5. Facebook (32%)
  6. Twitter (23%)
  7. Twitch (20%)
  8. WhatsApp (17%)
  9. Reddit (14%)
  10. Tumblr (5%)

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