The new Instagram threads have reached 30 million users within 24 hours. Find out more about the new Twitter alternative from Meta.

In a short span of time, the newly launched Instagram app, Threads, has reached an impressive milestone, attracting 30 million users. This standalone app, designed to facilitate intimate sharing and communication among close friends, has gained significant traction since its release. 

With its streamlined interface and focus on privacy, Threads offers users a distinct experience within the Instagram ecosystem. Its rapid growth underscores the demand for more personalized and private social media platforms.


Privacy is a key focus for Threads, as it emphasizes controlling who can access and engage with the shared content. Users have the ability to customize their settings, including options to automatically decline messages from non-close friends and limit their availability to specific people.

The rapid growth of Threads highlights the demand for more intimate and private social media experiences on Instagram. With 30 million users in a short period, it signifies a significant shift in user preferences towards more personal and exclusive interactions within their social networks.



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