In the latest Google Ads news and update, we will talk about the new ad and account policy and suspension page specifically for Display and Video 360 users.

The tech giant constantly keeps reviewing its ad and account policies and violations and brings consistent updates throughout the year to offer guidance to advertisers regarding violations and suspension of their accounts.

In the recent Google update, the company is updating the main Disapprovals and Suspension page specifically for Display and Video 360 users to clarify what violations would constitute an account suspension.

Here are the major violations that can lead to account suspension of advertisers:

  • Circumventing systems
  • Coordinated deceptive practices
  • Counterfeit
  • Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies
  • Unacceptable business practices
  • Trade Sanctions violation
  • Sexually explicit content

Furthermore, Google also stated that it “repeatedly or predominantly engaged in egregious policy violations,” which would cause the suspension of partners’ or advertisers’ accounts.

According to Google, egregious violations are “unlawful or pose significant harm to our users or our digital advertising ecosystem. Egregious violations often reflect that the advertiser’s overall business does not adhere to Google Ads policies or that one violation is so severe that we cannot risk future exposure to our users.”

 Therefore, to avoid account suspension, keep the above violations in mind.

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