Instagram makes recommendations for its users to discover new accounts based on their interests. Therefore, being eligible for the recommendations can be a great opportunity for the creators to boost their reach.

The recent Instagram News & Update for creators, it shares the best practices to ensure your eligibility for recommendations. You need to follow Instagram’s recommendations and community guidelines and check your account settings to be public.

Here are the best practices Instagram shares with creators to become eligible for recommendations:

  1. You should post original content, and if you are working with other content creators, use the “Collabs” feature to create a single post for both accounts. You can also use “Enhanced Tags”.
  2. Engaging reels can enhance your chances of being recommended. Optimize your video content for 9 x 16 vertical videos with no borders in high resolution. Do not fill the screen with all text, keep it short, attractive, and engaging, and avoid recycled content.
  3. Include relevant keywords to become discovered via search. You can use an Instagram handle or profile name related to the content of your posts; include keywords about your profile in the bio, and use relevant hashtags and keywords in the captions.




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