Google has made a few changes to its ad manager that can be implemented from August 1, 2022. Here are the following changes you can expect in the ads manager:

Now, with a manual experiment, you can test web interstitials before committing developer resources to tagging.

  • All MoPub ad source instances in the Ad Manager platform are also paused and removed from Ad Manager Yield Groups.
  • An IAB inventory partner domain specification has been added to help connected TV (CTV) publishers share best practices and manage their app-ads.txt files better.
  • Furthermore, Google has removed the Cost of Latency insight card from the Ad Speed tab of the Home dashboard.
  • Google has also decided to update the Active View measurement. Instead of a proprietary viewability measurement technique, the Open Measurement (OM) SDK is to be used for mobile app display inventory in Ad Manager. The change will only impact the Active View measurement on mobile app inventory and will bring it in line with the industry standards. You can also see changes in ad-serving protections for under-18-year-olds (“teens”) globally. The changes will include:
  1. Disable ad personalization across all products, and creative ad creative ad filtering on Ad Manager, Ad Sense, and AdMob. The change will be implemented from August 15, 2022.
  2. Disallow sensitive groups from serving.
  • Web Interstitials for Open Bidding: You will be able to traffic web interstitials (full-page web ads that appear between page views) in Open Bidding, which will expand the competition for such impactful ads.


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