Google announces seven new features and updates for local search at its annual Search On conference. In recent years, we have seen a transformation in visual search. So to move a step further, Google is planning to upgrade its feature and has already introduced multi-search earlier this year as a beta in the U.S. and more than 70 languages will be available at Search On. Furthermore, now you can take pictures of an unfamiliar item such as a dish or a plant, and search for it in a local place nearby through “multi-search near me.” The feature will initially be available in English in the U.S. by the end of this year.

Another update in Google Search Algorithm update on translation allows users to blend translated text into the background images over one billion times a month in more than 100 languages to instantly read magazines, along with storefronts, menus, signs, and more.

Also, now you will be able to get Google Maps’ live view along with its weather updates and how busy a place will be on a given date and time. Also, the “neighborhood vibe check” feature will give you an idea of the recent changes in the neighborhood before visiting the place.

Here are the seven Google Search algorithm updates and features announced by Google:

  1. Search for restaurants by dish
  2. Discover restaurant specialties
  3. More support for digital menus
  4. Enhancements to Google Maps’ Live View
  5. Aerial views of famous landmarks
  6. Immersive view
  7. Checks for neighborhood vibes

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