The ultimate rule of marketing is that it should be able to promote your business to the right audience at the right time. The rule plays an important role in niche based marketing because targeting a general audience won’t benefit your business as much as targeting the specific group of people who have high potential of becoming your customer.

Digital marketing is an advanced and efficient marketing that helps you promote your brand and connect to your audience in real time. Unlike traditional marketing, it is a two way process that keeps your audience engaged in a conversation and helps businesses get feedback from customers which further can help them improve their services.  Therefore it becomes essential to connect and engage your audience in real time. 

Niche marketing is targeting the subgroup of your business’s main relevant audience through digital marketing. The subgroup of people has different demands, expectations, and pain points than the general market. In other words, niche marketing includes segregating the audience into niche-based segments so that you can make strategies to target specific audiences.

Some of the most effective ways to find and engage your audience at the right time:

  • Know Your Audience: The first and foremost step to form your marketing strategies is to target your relevant audience through market research about consumer behaviour, their needs and demands, and the platforms they are using for knowledge and information along with purchasing products or services.
  • Find Your Niche: Once you know about a wider audience looking for your products or services, you can divide them into subgroups based on the niches. You can find the right audience through building customer personas, targeting low-volume keywords, and forming strategic PR.
  • Create a Persona: Understanding your niche audience’s individuality, what they are looking for, how they feel about discounts, and where they are looking for your services and products is the best way to engage them at the right time.You can create a fictional profile of your ideal customer in a particular niche you want to target and then apply your marketing strategies and speak directly to them.
  • Use Social Media Marketing to Connect to the Niche Audience: Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media not only for entertainment but also for knowledge, information, and purchasing products or services. Therefore, using social media marketing to engage your audience at the right time is one of the most convenient ways. However, you should know which platform will be the most suitable for you to connect to your audience, as the use of social media marketing varies for demographics such as income, age, and gender. For instance, Instagram is used mostly by younger adults, and LinkedIn is used by professionals seeking jobs and enhancing their skills. Therefore, if you are looking to target a professional audience, you can create posts and connect to people through LinkedIn.
  • Lookout for Low Volume Keywords: when you target a larger audience, you need to select high volume keywords, but in the case of a niche-based audience, use general and low volume keywords to reach out to the specific subgroup. You can create content using these keywords to gain more traffic towards your website, as a niche audience is looking for specific information to fill the gaps rather than general information. Thus, the increase in traffic on your website means more engagement, shares, and leads.
  • Email Marketing Strategy: You can send emails with discount codes, loyalty club memberships, or informative content that a specific niche is looking for. These emails can help you build your list organically and keep it engaged with your bran d. While targeting a niche audience, avoid using spam-like and promotional content. Another way to make the best of emails to engage a niche audience at the right time is to regulate them. Too soon or too late, emails can defeat the purpose of using them. Therefore, schedule your emails that contain informative content at regular intervals.
  • Keep an Eye on Competitors: Analysing the strategies and activities of your competitors can help you form better digital marketing strategies. You can learn from their failed strategies and find gaps in their strategies and use them to create fun and innovative strategies to address your audience’s issues. These strategies can help you get an upper hand on your competitors.

Thus, by understanding the needs, demands, and issues of your niche audience and creating personalised messages in the form of emails and posts, you can keep your niche audience engaged at the right time through digital marketing..

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