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Explore our roster of Sufi band artists available for events in Mumbai. They deliver captivating performances that blend traditional Sufi elements with contemporary music, creating an enchanting and culturally rich experience for your event.

Javeda Band

  • Business City: Mumbai
  • Based in Mumbai, our Sufi band specializes in soul-stirring performances.
  • Led by the talented Sufi musician Kuldeep Singh.
  • Achieving a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary Sufi music.
  • Transports the audience to a spiritually enriching experience.
  • Ideal choice for events seeking a touch of mysticism and musical depth.

Rudraksh The Sufi Rock Band

  • Business City: Mumbai 
  • Dynamic and versatile music band.
  • Specialization in diverse musical genres.
  • Provides a rich and engaging musical experience.
  • Suitable for events of all kinds.
  • Elevates the ambiance with captivating performances.

MFB (Music Fusion Beats )

  • Business City: Mumbai
  • The MFB : A Sufi musical group with a unique touch.
  • Committed to delivering authentic Sufi melodies.
  • Known for soulful and harmonious performances.
  • Ideal for events seeking a spiritual and cultural dimension.
  • The MFB creates a mesmerizing musical atmosphere.

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