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Javeda Band: Sufi Band in Mumbai

🎶Javeda Band: Your Rhythm, Your Event! 🎉

Welcome to Javeda Band, where the soulful melodies of Sufi music come alive to create unforgettable moments for your weddings, parties, and events.

About Us

At Javeda Band, we take pride in curating enchanting musical experiences. Javeda a maestro in Sufi music, leads our talented band, ensuring an authentic and mesmerizing performance that transcends time.

🎵 Why Javeda Band?

  • Captivating Performances: Immerse your guests in the soul-stirring tunes of Sufi music, creating an ambiance of serenity and joy.
  • Experienced Maestro: Javeda Band brings decades of expertise, infusing every performance with passion and skill.
  • Versatile for All Occasions: Whether it’s a wedding, party, or corporate event, Javeda elevates the atmosphere with its timeless melodies.

. 🎸 Pricing That Fits Your Budget!

Make your event truly special with Javeda Band enchanting performances, priced at just Rs. 40,000-/ Book now to reserve your date and let the magic begin.

🎊 Key Services:

  • Sufi Wedding Bands
  • Soulful Party Entertainment
  • Event Sufi Music
  • Mesmerizing Sufi Performances

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