PR or as generally spoken, public relations is the ultimate weapon that has been used by many business tycoons to smooth their journey from almost nothing to everything. Public relation is a way by which companies or even individuals builds up their reputation in their respective world.

While one may think that advertising is what drives brand, FMS knows that public relation always comes first. Brands are driven by public relations and sustained through advertisements. Public Relation is to a brand, what Excalibur was to King Arthur. PR uses minimal cost from the marketing budget but gives you long-lasting results. FMS believes in making brand and reputations and then the things like how much limelight a brand can get. The limelight of a brand is necessary but creating a well-known positive reputation for a brand is the “real work”. Limelight, print works, and other things are the results of real work.

No matter how much the world changes, a brand relationship with consumers can’t be compromised at any cost. FMS constructs mutually beneficial relations between the company and the targeted public. This further helps in client, business, and agency development. 80% of PR professionals believe that the future is storytelling and so does FMS. Every brand has its story that they want the public to know. FMS tells the story in the right way and more importantly, we tell the right story to the right people

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