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Chandan Kumar Dance Company: Top Belly Dance Performances in Mumbai

Welcome to Chadan Kumar Dance Company. Vibe the rhythm of Mumbai’s vibrant culture with Chandan Kumar Dance Company. As your go-to source for dynamic and professional dance performances, we bring a burst of energy and creativity to every stage.

A Dance For Every Occassion

Discover the versatility of our dance styles, ranging from traditional Indian forms to contemporary expressions. Chandan Kumar Dance Company is not just a group; we are a dynamic and professional dance ensemble ready to tailor our performances to suit the theme and occasion of your event.

Captivating Audiences, Creating Memories

Dynamic and Expressive Performances

Be prepared to captivate your audience with our dynamic and expressive performances. We don’t just dance; we bring stories to life through movement. Our dedication to the art ensures an unforgettable experience for every spectator.

Mumbai’s Best Dance Troupe

Recognized as one of the best dance troupes in Mumbai, Chandan Kumar Dance Company sets the standard for excellence in the city’s dance scene. Join us, and let us elevate your event with the magic of dance.

Passionate and Tailored Performances

We are not just performers; we are passionate about bringing the joy of dance to life in every show. Chandan Kumar Dance Company goes beyond routines; we craft experiences tailored to evoke emotions and create lasting memories.

Our Dance Troupe Services

Expertise of our belly dancers, specializing in

Weddings: Infuse your wedding with the grace and charm of belly dance, creating enduring memories.

Parties: Bring glamour and entertainment to your celebrations with the captivating performances of our dancers.

Corporate Events: Enrich your corporate gatherings with the vibrant and dynamic energy brought by our skilled performers.

Exclusive Features

– Versatile Dance Styles
– Dynamic and Expressive Performances
– Customized Shows for Every Occasion
– Mumbai’s Best Dance Troupe


Belly Dance Extravaganza offers an exclusive package at Rs 20,000:

  • mesmerizing performance
  • Tailored duration for your event
  • Professional dancers adorned in stunning costumes
  • Capture unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

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