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NR Shaikh Manpower Service​

Providing bouncers for a diverse range of events, from sports and music concerts to weddings, social gatherings, personal security, and property monitoring. Hire bouncers in Mumbai for your event needs.

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  • Bouncers for Mumbai Events: Secure Services initially operated as an executive protection company and later diversified into event security in Mumbai.

  • Expertly Trained Team: The company initiated bouncer training for event security, establishing a team of skilled, sensitive, and disciplined bouncers proficient in managing diverse events.

  • VIP Handling Specialists: Specially trained in VIP customer handling, the bouncers excel in tasks such as airport pick-ups, escorting to hotels, managing press conferences, overseeing celebrity events, facilitating store openings, and handling business meetings and conventions.

PRICE Male - ₹5000/- ownwards
This price is subject to confirmation based on availability.
PRICE Female- ₹4000/- ownwards
This price is subject to confirmation based on availability.

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