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They are a well-managed organization with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to the design and manufacturing of comprehensive control panel systems and solutions. Their adept control panel staff, boasting significant experience, is capable of managing a wide range of customized control panel requirements, spanning various sizes and types. From the initial design concept to the final commissioning phase, their team excels at delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries and applications.

Why Choose Vidyut Enterprises?

  • Hostesses For Events: Event hostesses are meticulously selected for their charm, grace, and ability to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Dynamic Events: Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, a product launch, or a social soirée, their hostesses in Mumbai bring a perfect blend of hospitality and professionalism.

  • Expert Promoters: If you’re running a promotion, their team of expert promoters is dedicated to making your brand stand out. They bring a wealth of experience to effectively promote and represent your brand.

  • Comprehensive Event Care: We take pride in ensuring that every aspect of your event is well taken care of, regardless of the occasion. From greeting guests to managing the event logistics, we guarantee a seamless and enjoyable experience.

  • Wide Range of Uniforms: Hostess & Promoter offers a diverse selection of uniforms and suits available for hire. Our staff is not only qualified and experienced but also possesses excellent dialectical skills and a high level of professionalism, enhancing brand communication.

Vidyut Enterprise Expertise

  • Trained and Supervised Staff: Their team comprises fully-trained and supervised hostesses and hosts who warmly welcome guests and oversee the entire event, providing a sense of assurance and reliability.

  • Tailored Staffing Solutions: They provide the perfect team tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your promotional event, party, conference, trade show, or exhibition runs smoothly.

  • Multilingual Team: Their team is proficient in multiple languages, enabling them to warmly welcome guests from diverse backgrounds. This ensures a memorable occasion and allows our staff to comprehensively manage your guests’ requirements and expectations.

Booking Details

  • Price: ————————————————————————————–Female- 3500/onwards

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