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For couples in Bangalore seeking unparalleled floral elegance, Viraj Flower Decorator in Jarganahalli emerges as the ultimate destination for exquisite flower decoration. Specializing in both marriage and event decoration, Viraj Flower Decorator is strategically situated near Srinivasa Kalyana Mantapa, offering convenience for clients across the city. With a dedicated team attuned to the nuances of each wedding and event, Viraj Flower Decorator creates bespoke designs that reflect individual preferences.

This renowned event decorator in Bangalore operates with flexibility, ensuring accessibility for clients to explore their extensive portfolio and schedule consultations at their convenience. From thematic décor setups to personalized color schemes, Viraj Flower Decorator excels in transforming venues into enchanting spaces. Their commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach make them the preferred choice for those desiring seamless, stress-free, and visually stunning celebrations.

Viraj Flower Decorator’s reputation is built on reliability, creativity, and passion, establishing them as a trusted name in flower decoration for marriages and events in Bangalore.

Viraj Flower Decorators | Booking Details | Florist for event in Bangalore

  • Exquisite Wedding Decor

    Viraj Flower Decorator, situated in Jarganahalli, Bangalore, is the standout choice for couples seeking impeccable flower decoration in Bangalore, specializing in exquisite flower decoration for marriages.

  • Convenient Showroom Location

    The strategically located showroom near Srinivasa Kalyana Mantapa adds convenience for clients across the city, making it easily accessible for all seeking flower decoration for events and marriages in Bangalore.

  • Creative Collaboration Hub

     With years of expertise, Viraj Flower Decorator has become a trusted name, operating with flexibility as a hub for creative collaboration in event decoration. The dedicated team crafts bespoke designs reflecting each couple’s individuality for flower decoration at weddings and events.

  • Preferred Choice for Memorable Celebrations

     Renowned for reliability, creativity, and passion in event decoration in Bangalore, Viraj Flower Decorator ensures a seamless, stress-free, and visually stunning celebration. Their commitment to excellence makes them the preferred choice for couples seeking flower decoration for marriage and memorable event decoration in Bangalore.

PRICE Starting from Rs 6000
3 Packages[ Silver-4000,Gold-4500,Platinum-5000] Both for Veg, Non Veg. This price is subject to confirmation based on availability.

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