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Chirag VIthalani: Best Wedding Anchor in India

Premier Event Hosting and Anchor Services by Chirag Vithalani in India

Discover the ideal fusion of professionalism and charm with Chirag Vithalani, your preferred anchor and host for weddings, corporate events, and sporting occasions. Top anchors in Mumbai.

Why Choose Chirag Vithalani?

  • Top-Tier Hosting Solutions: Elevate your event with the outstanding anchor services provided by Shweta, ensuring a captivating experience for your audience.
  • Energetic Sports Event Hosting: Inject vitality into your sports events with the lively and engaging hosting style of Chirag Vithalani.
  • Captivating Wedding Ceremonies: Craft enduring memories at your wedding with the interactive and captivating master of ceremonies services delivered by Chirag Vithalani.

Chirag Vithalani Expertise

  • Memorable Corporate Gatherings: Chirag Vithalani excels at creating unforgettable experiences for corporate events.
  • Refined Event Hosting: Whether it’s a gala, conference, or any special occasion, Chirag Vithalani adds an elegant touch to every gathering.
  • Dynamic Sports Event Presentation: Infuse vibrancy and enthusiasm into your sports events with Chirag Vithalani as your emcee.


  • Event hosting Services: Starting from ₹35,000/per day 

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