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Ankit Vista proudly asserts its position as one of the best event venues in Bangalore, poised to become the top wedding venue in the city and among the best in India. Expanding across 20 acres of thoughtfully planned landscape, this luxurious resort showcases meticulously landscaped gardens adorned with around 40,000 plants and trees, featuring a rich variety of fruits, medicinal plants, and charming tree-lined avenues.

Conveniently located in Mahadevapura Village on NH 48, Kunigal Road near Nelamangala, Ankit Vista Green Village boasts seamless connectivity via National Highway, elevated roads, and a four-lane highway, ensuring that it is easily accessible within a 45-minute drive from any part of the city. The resort embraces European-styled architecture, characterized by high-roofed Mangalore tiles, adding an extra touch of elegance to the surroundings.

Within its enchanting premises, the primary structure ‘Pragnya’ houses three banquet halls alongside a courtyard and indoor games, solidifying its status as the best event venue in Bangalore. ‘Yukthi’ offers a cozy banquet hall and an Indian Darbari-styled banquet, contributing to its recognition as the top wedding venue. Additionally, ‘Mukthi’ serves as a serene Yoga and Meditation Center, while ‘Spoorthy’ features open auditoriums. The culinary delights at ‘Trupthi,’ a multi-cuisine restaurant, further enhance its appeal as a top event venue in Bangalore. Ankit Vista Green Village seamlessly blends luxury and versatility, making it a premier choice for various events, be it weddings or other special occasions in Bangalore.

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  • Premier Luxury Venue – Ankit Vista

    • Positioned as one of the best event venues in Bangalore, Ankit Vista stands out as a top choice for luxury resorts in India.
    • Spanning 20 acres, it boasts extensive landscaped gardens, featuring over 40,000 plants, making it an ideal pick for the best wedding venue in Bangalore.

  • Strategic Location and Connectivity
    • Conveniently situated in Mahadevapura Village near Nelamangala, Ankit Vista ensures easy access from any part of the city within a 45-minute drive.
    • Well-connected with national highways, elevated roads, and a four-lane highway, it solidifies its reputation as a top event venue in Bangalore.

  • European Styled Elegance and Facilities

    • Ankit Vista showcases European-styled architecture with high-roofed Mangalore tiles, creating a unique and elegant ambiance.
    • With three banquet halls, a courtyard, indoor games, and Indian Darbari-styled banquets, it offers diverse facilities, perfect for events.

  • Comprehensive Amenities for Relaxation and Dining

    • From ‘Mukthi’ serving as a Yoga and Meditation Center to ‘Spoorthy’ housing open auditoriums, the resort provides diverse amenities.
    • Positioned as a top wedding venue in Bangalore, ‘Trupthi,’ the multi-cuisine restaurant, completes the experience, making Ankit Vista a premier choice for luxury events.
PRICE Veg 1000 per plate, non veg 1200 per plate
3 Packages[ Silver-4000,Gold-4500,Platinum-5000] Both for Veg, Non Veg. This price is subject to confirmation based on availability.

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