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Aman Malhotra: Your Premier Event Host

Premier Event Hosting and Anchor Services by Aman Malhotra

Discover the ideal combination of professionalism and charisma with Shweta Kapoor, your preferred anchor and host for weddings, corporate events, and sports occasions. Secure the services of top-notch anchors in Mumbai.

Why Choose Aman Malhotra?

  • Premier Anchor Services: Elevate your event with Shweta’s exceptional anchoring, ensuring a captivating experience for your audience.
  • Dynamic Sports Event Hosting: Inject vitality into your sports events with Shweta Kapoor’s lively and compelling hosting approach.
  • Engaging Wedding Ceremonies: Craft enduring memories at your wedding with Shweta’s interactive and captivating master of ceremonies services.

Aman Malhotra's Expertise

Unforgettable Corporate Gatherings: Shweta specializes in creating memorable moments for corporate events.

Sophisticated Event Hosting: Be it a gala, conference, or any special event, Shweta adds a touch of elegance to every gathering.

Energetic Sports Event Presenter: Infuse energy and excitement into your sports events with Shweta Kapoor serving as your emcee.


  • Event hosting Services: Starting from ₹30,000/per day 

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