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Advertisements are a way to call public attention and direct it to a specified product or service by a company. Advertisements come under paid marketing tactics. Advertisement in the newspaper is the most common, but it isn’t limited to that. Advertisements come in various shapes and sizes. Ads generate sales, lead and invites new consumers. The types of ads you choose always depend on the target audience you wish to concentrate on. Alongside this, the type of ads you choose to have will convey the way of the environment of your product or service.

The aim of advertising is narrowed down to basically three points:

Informing the audience: Audience and consumers must always be aware of new or existing services. This is the first step towards reaching target reach.

Persuading the audience: Audience loves to perform some tasks in order for something they can get. This offers both engagement and selling of products.

Reminding the audience: Reminding the audience about your brands, services etc. is a way to reassure their existence with the brand.

In today’s competitive world, it’s important for all companies to invest in ads. Different companies choose different type of ads, but the key benefits remain the same. Brand building, sales increment, creating demand, expanding consumer’s base are some of the benefits the company surely gets. Also, the right kind of advertisement can change the attitude of consumers towards your brand. To avail the benefits of advertising, please feel free to contact us.

Floodlightz Media Solution is one of the flourishing marketing and media company which focuses on building the best mutually beneficial relationship between public and brand. We create tailored communication strategies and content to reach the audience and monitor the landscape of stakeholder statistics. FMS also specializes in producing the best ad campaign which will boost the leads and will surely increase the sales.

The Types Of Ads FMS Provides Are:

A combination of newspaper ads in state/national newspaper will give you unmatched results.


Ads in specialized magazines can reach far more quickly to your target audience.


With an extensive reach of viewers, you can be sure that there will be leads and better sales.


Billboards and hoardings outside can turn many eyes on your service ad. Transit means advertising on buses, autos or other moving vehicles


Advertising on a certain station can generate many leads.


When most of the world is getting digitalized, it’s productive and cost-effective to reach your audience online. Social media sites, blogs etc. can be a helping hand to reach an audience online faster.


Writing to you consumers daily is a sure way to let them feel you care. Catalogues and flyers can also be a good idea to reach your audience.


There are millions of people who watch movies every day, so cinema advertising is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience.

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