Wedding planner in Delhi

Who doesn’t wish their wedding to be lavishly glamorous and one of its kind? Especially in India, weddings are considered not just an event, but an auspicious occasion where everyone celebrates on their top notch. A couple takes 200+ hours to plan just an average wedding plan. To take the wedding onto seventh heaven level, wedding planner comes into existence. We gather everything that can make your most special day memorable. FMS is one of the leading wedding planners in Delhi.

Floodlightz Media Solution is one of the flourishing marketing and event company which focuses on building the best mutually beneficial relationship between public and brand. We create events and functions that tell the story themselves. Wedding planning is a field in which FMS specializes. FMS elevates the enthusiasm of wedding functions and ceremonies like:

  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Mehndi Ceremony
  • Sangeet Night
  • Tilak Ceremony
  • Reception

These are just some of the things which FMS takes care on your behalf because we understand the importance of enjoying the wedding and pre-wedding functions like jaimala, sagai, sangeet night etc. FMS has fabulous organizational skills which include multitasking and time management skills too. With these skills at your command, you can expect nothing less than a lavishly glamorous wedding. FMS is a one-stop solution for all your wedding requirements and pre-wedding functions.

FMS works in accordance to the needs you have with your wedding from food to themes of various functions like tilak, sagai, mehndi and other wedding functions. We add the trend to your needs and in this way turns the wedding and its functions into head-turning events. We are the constructor for your wedding dreams. We work on all type of issues that may arise at any time during the entire event. Our approach to a wedding is like a lifestyle and not just a mere feeling. We add a bright and colorful approach to the cultural element to enrich the rituals.

As your representative at various places, we consider it our responsibility to provide you with the best of everything. We understand that your reputation is our reputation, and with this thought in mind we concentrate our energy into making the event speak and a tell stories which lasts for years. We employ customization into the wedding plans with a variety of range according to your needs. We make the journey to most awaited day more relieved, stress-free and fun-filling by:

  1. Saving your time – We save a huge chunk of time out of your hand, so that you can start enjoying the wedding.
  2. Saving your money – We give the best out of your budget. Also, we give you the best of advice for where to put your hard earned money.
  3. Suggesting the best advice – We give you the best advice in choosing the best venues, finding the perfect centrepieces and lots more.
  4. Structuring your wedding dreams – We handle and organise all the tasks which adds up to the accomplishment of your wedding dreams.
  5. Saving relationships – We act as a middleman to dissolve any conflicts which arise at weddings.

We as a wedding planners and event professional find it interesting and exciting to plan your biggest day with precise tools and tricks ahead of the timeline. We remember that every wedding is unique and with it comes unique and exciting things. We, at FMS, take it as our duty to satisfy the concerns and needs coming from your side.