FMS Bags The Best Digital PR Award at National Management Summit

When You Help Others Achieve Their Goals, You Reach Yours.

FMS leads the Digital Marketing horizon at National Management Summit Despite different challenges which come in front of us, there’s always been this one constant challenge of self-doubt. Looking at the same, this young entrepreneur received his award as the Best  Digital Marketing PR Company at the National Management Summit on 22nd February 2019.

The Top Rankers Management Club organized its 20th National Management Summit for a duration of two days, i.e. from 22nd Feb to 23rd Feb 2019.

It is a yearly summit where a lot of professionals and entrepreneurs from different spheres of the industry come together to share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

On the first day of the event, Mr. Nikhil Kapoor, founder, and director of Floodlightz Media Solutions (FMS) lifted up its trophy for Best Digital PR Company.

FMS designs campaigns and marketing strategies keeping different point of views in its mind. In order to ensure multiple leads and audience engagement, FMS designs such marketing strategies where merely one PR campaign leads to strong mileage and audience attraction to the brands.

Nikhil has avidly nurtured and contributed to the growth of various companies like Casio, INOX, Max, SPPC, and Hospitality India. Keeping all these things in mind and the output which he provides, is phenomenal.

“Nikhil has always delivered more than he has promised to the industry. This is what we look for in an entrepreneur or a businessman or any professional.” Said Mr. VSK Sood, President, Top Rankers Management Club during a personal interview.

Floodlightz Media Solutions has recently been awarded as the best PR Agency. The reason for such an astonishing award being given to a budding entrepreneur is because of his skills and the will to do attitude.

On the other hand, the same PR campaigns provide numerous organic as well as boosted leads which are structure and maintained digitally for convenience and ease.

Nikhil has been in the industry as an entrepreneur for more than 10 years and with his sheer dedication and consistency, he got felicitated with the award.

Today, the country is struggling with the changes in the form of marketing as from the conventional form of marketing to the digital form. In such a scenario, Nikhil Kapoor made his attempt and prospered in bringing both the worlds together.

The theme for this year’s National Management Summit was, “Reform, Perform and Transform for Sustainable Growth.”

This idea was given by PM Narendra Modi on his Independence Day Speech to the nation. It was exactly the main agenda of the Floodlightz Media Solution. They have provided values to the people with their innovative strategies and brought both traditional and conventional marketing at one stop.

Nikhil is the sole founder of Floodlightz Media Solutions and has headed the core management teams of various companies, viz,

Managing Director & CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Influence Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.;

Marketing for India Blooms for Delhi NCR, India’s first Digital News Website

Launching an all new venture under the banner of Floodlightz Marketing and Distribution i.e. Organic Delight, a premium range of Organic Coffee Beans, Seeds, Spices and Pulses etc;

Founder and Managing Director of Scrap In Cash, a unique market place for Scrap Dealers and sellers across India. Waste Management and adding value to scrap.

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