BTL Services Agency in Delhi

BTL Activities are Below the Line activities. These are the activities done at a micro level and are non-conventional in nature. They form a part of non-media communication. Some examples to rectify what BTL activities means are telemarketing, sponsorship, flyers distribution etc. Statistics show that companies who do BTL activities often have 17% more engagement on their page. BTL activities are done with the aim to increase loyalty and quality sales. BTL activities are measured in sales and feedbacks and also, in the insights the marketer is getting.

Floodlightz Media Solution is one of the flourishing marketing and media company which focuses on building the best mutually beneficial relationship between public and brand. We create tailored communication strategies and content to reach the audience and monitor the landscape of stakeholder statistics. At FMS we take care that by BTL activities your company gets:

  • Great consumer relationships
  • Better Return of Investments
  • Easy insights to view every step of the activity
  • The best of service even in less budget
  • Viral marketing

BTL activities help you to generate an enormous amount of awareness in the targeted audience. It also tailors down your company’s message and motto and makes it clear for consumers to choose you over the competitions. FMS also gives you one-to-one interactions with consumers to make consumers connect to brand easily and conveniently.

BTL activities utilize fewer resources because it directly goes to the targeted audiences. Some of the new and unique BTL activities include road shows, mall promotions, product launch, brand activation, and even dealers meet to name a few. FMS is one of the best BTL activities agencies in Delhi which aims at:

  1. The customer gets unique brand experience
  2. Giving comprehensive support throughout the time
  3. Complete BTL project management
  4. Stipulated time delivery of service
  5. Giving the best advice skyrocketing the company’s growth via BTL activities

BTL activities have a more direct and personal approach. It results in high results even though being concentrated at the targeted audience.  Many brands have been indulging in BTL activities off late after seeing the tremendous results it gives to the company. It allows the brand to have the most effective communication with the audience and to promote the brand at full pace. FMS offers best in class solution for your BTL activities. Feel free to contact us for any query.